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One of the Best Recruiting Tips for Hiring Managers

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As a leading talent management consulting firm in California, we’ve uncovered many bad habits when it comes to hiring processes.

One misconception we see on a regular basis is the concept of hiring managers making a hiring decision solely based off skills or experience. The official dogma of hiring is that companies always want to interview the best degreed, most experienced people from their industry, right?

Attracting the RIGHT talent for your company isn’t as simple as finding the prospect with the most experience. Majority of the time, a company’s top performing, long-term employees are those who fit best into the culture and have the right attitudes and performance abilities.


We teach companies that one of the better hiring practices begins with creating a specific, compelling job description/ad that outlines what someone is going to have to DO successfully in the job.

We advise that an effective job description paints the picture of what success looks like.

In “The (Not So Secret) Formula For Finding Great People and Getting Their Best,” emotional intelligence expert, Harvey Deutschendorf, notices that Southwests‘ job description uniquely recruits candidates with statements like:

If you want to have fun, this is the place to work! This is a place where you can be yourself, where it’s okay to be irreverent, where you will be loved and valued. We love our employees, we trust our employees, who in turn work very hard to give Positively Outrageous Service (POS) to our customers.

Southwest Airlines is aiming to attract a personality type, not just skills or experience. They understand it takes far more than years of experience on a resume to guarantee they’ll have a long-term star employee.

Not all cultures are like Southwest Airlines. In fact, each organization has a unique culture makeup. For example, Southwest Airlines and The Four Seasons are both thriving organizations with two very different cultures. The personality type that will thrive at Southwest Airlines is very different from the personality type that will thrive at The Four Seasons.

It’s critical to not only discover the unique culture in your organization, but also aim to attract talent that fits into that specific culture.

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Focus on cultural fit, the right attitudes and the personality traits that will lead to your best hire yet!

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