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Sell With A Story

A photo by Dustin Lee. unsplash.com/photos/jLwVAUtLOAQMarket Yourself Better by promoting your product or service with a story: STORIFY IT

Storify is the modern form of journalism. Storify presents a platform that allows users to take things from different social media outlets such as twitter, facebook, flickr, blogs, and other Storify stories by simply dragging and dropping items. You are taking your posts or posts that pe
ople are posting (public postings) about certain topics and creating a story. These stories can be personal stories, stories from an event by compiling posts from people that were at the specific event, or even compiling postings about a specific brand and telling a story of what others are saying about a specific brand.

If you are taking content from other users, those users are notified by Storify, telling that you will be using their content in your story. They can then post about your story. You publish your story by simply embedding it, similar to how you would embed a youtube video.

Our final thoughts and recommendations

This would be a great way for you to put together some blog posts that focus on certain topics. It’s super easy because you can put together a post by simply pulling together content and easily posting it on any website.

Pros Cons
This is a great way for us to tell a story about a brand through its users, building more credibility.
Works with most blogs Does not work with blogs hosted by WordPress.com.
Stories are not permanent after creating and publishing them. You can easily make changes. Photos and videos in your story may not appear anymore if the original user deletes that photo or video.
You can easily determine the order of the content you are adding to your story but you cannot format the story to make it look nice

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