Part 4: Uncover Top Talent

Understanding WHERE the talent is in the market is the first step to hiring top talent. Sometimes, top talent isn’t where you think.

Many companies believe when they post an ad on a job board they are accessing ALL of the talent pool – but this is WRONG! Did you know that ONLY about 20% of the talent market is actively looking for a job at a given time, where they are searching job boards (i.e., career builder, zip recruiter, etc.)!

This means when you post an ad on a job board, you are only accessing at most 20% of the talent pool.

So what about the other 80% aka passive talent? Where are they? (Segment 4, 2:20 – 2:46). We discuss how you can begin to access the passive talent market, thru sites like LinkedIn. Making hiring that talent down the road much easier. (Segment 4, 2:46 – 3:29).

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