We could tell you that women in the workplace often face an uphill struggle to receive fair treatment and consideration for leadership roles/opportunities. They still face a (slowly improving) 21.4% gender wage gap, and there is more awareness than ever from the #MeToo movement.

Let’s focus on the positive though; women DO make a HUGE positive difference for businesses. Here is why we at Wejungo love women.

Women are exceptionally engaged managers.

According to Gallup, female managers are MORE engaged than male managers. A more engaged leader develops a more engaged team and individual. They have also found a solid connection between employee engagement and high performance levels. As a result, employee engagement influences turnover, productivity, profit and overall workplace happiness.

Women often balance work and life exceptionally well.

Most working women do more than 50% of the household/childcare duties. This means they have mastered juggling 40-50 hours/week careers plus taking care of children, making doctor/dental appointments, driving kids to sports, going to teacher-parent conferences, helping with homework, grocery shopping, cleaning and everything else required to run a household. This oftentimes translates well into their careers in areas of productivity, cultivating creativity, multi-tasking, driving deadlines, getting SH*T done, being more patient and excelling in communication.

Women leaders often excel at providing positive feedback.

It’s a FACT; women leaders give 1.17 times more recognition and positive feedback for a job well done than their male counterparts. [Business Insider] This leads to not only happier and more valued employees, but increases retention of your top performers and positively influences the company’s culture.

Bottom line: Women oftentimes make GREAT employees and leaders. They can help companies increase productivity, engagement, retention, communication, creativity, and profit.


We want to hear from you! What skills have you seen women bring to the table?