Wejungo Hiring Roadmap

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much time will it take to complete the training?

    The Wejungo® Hiring Roadmap is designed to be completed in 4 hours or less. The training is self-paced so participants do not need to complete the training all in one sitting. The training is broken up in 9 mini-sessions that take 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

  • How do participants access the training online?

    The online training is SAAS based, meaning that it can be accessed through any internet browser with wifi or internet connection, 24/7.

  • Who should participate?

    This training is designed for any person in your company who recruits, interviews and/or hires, which could include: managers, recruiters, human resource professionals, executives, leadership, etc.

  • How long will I have access to this training?

    Often times we find participants hiring one time and then not again for 2-3 months. We want to create lasting learning so we offer each participant 6 months of access so that they can refresh their learning during any part of that time period.

  • What is the cost?

    The training investment is $399 per user for 6 months access.

  • What information is covered within the Wejungo® Hiring Roadmap online training?

    There are 3 main sections, and a total of 9 mini-sessions within those 3 main sections outlined below.

    Section 1: Recruiting

    Learning & Takeaways:

    • Understand the talent market
    • Get clear on job scope, success criteria and attributes of a successful candidate
    • Learn how to attract better talent
    • Create Talent Profile & Role Description for open positions

    Section 2: Interviewing

    Learning & Takeaways:

    • Understand interviewing best practices
    • Reduce interviewing biases
    • How to plan your interviews
    • Learn the best three types of interview questions to ask to accurately predict future performance and capabilities

    Section 3: Hiring

    Learning & Takeaways:

    • Learn how to objectively assess candidates
    • Convert your Talent Profile to a Talent Scorecard which will help you objectively assess talent and make a hiring decision
    • Legal Dos and Don’ts of interviewing 101
    • Talent Profile used as a performance management and onboarding tool