We view start-ups as the modern movers-and-shakers creating, innovating and taking risks. When you’re a start-up, no matter the size of your company, it is always a challenge to find top-tier, quality people – with the right skill set and who are a great culture fit – without spending 100% of your time on recruiting, interviewing and hiring.

The 3 biggest challenges that we see start-ups facing when competing for talent:
1. “No one has heard of our brand” – We will show you how to attract quality talent by telling your story, clarifying your vision and marketing your brand.

2. “By the time we start the hiring process, we needed that person yesterday” – We will help you develop a talent acquisition process that will enable you to hire when you need the person, not before, not after.

3. “We struggle to find top talent that fits well with our culture.” – We will help you pinpoint the intangible characteristics of a good hire that is crucial to building your specific company culture.

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If you’re like most small business owners, your biggest employee problem may be attracting and finding top-tier talent. We know resources are scarce, so if you’re hiring for a key position or need to bring someone on-board quickly, consider the opportunity costs and reduced work efficiency of taking someone out of their core competency in the business to focus on filling the position(s).

The 3 biggest challenges that we see small businesses face when competing for talent:
1. “We don’t have enough time.” – For small businesses who don’t have the time nor resources of a big company, we will help drive the hiring process forward so you can spend your time running the business.

2. “We have a lack of quality talent” – One person can make or break a small business. We understand that hiring is extraordinarily challenging, time consuming, and mentally draining. We will lead you to your next GREAT HIRE.

3. “There is no one to guide the hiring process” – Without a large HR team, internal recruiting and clear-cut pathways for employee advancement you may not be able to attract, hire and retain top-tier talent. We will create and manage a hiring process that fits with your business.

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As an established mid-size business how do you maintain growth without eliminating the culture of innovation that got you here? We believe the answer lies in attracting top talent. Mid-size organizations are small enough to remain agile but large enough to command scale. We will show you how you can offer the best of both worlds to employees.

The 3 biggest challenges that we see mid-size businesses face when competing for talent:
1. “We struggle to find the right person for our team” – We will help you understand yourselves better and determine what the right questions and processes are to find the RIGHT fit for your team.

2. “We attract top talent, but they leave after a few years” – Attracting top talent to your company is only half the challenge. We will help you build processes that help retain and grow those high-value skills and expertise.

3. “We invest too much time conducting in-person-interviews of unqualified people.” We believe you should only be investing your time interviewing your top candidates. We will create a thorough standardized process that typically includes job-specific direct questioning, job previews, behavioral interviews and skillset/team assessments.

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Finding just any job may be easy, but discovering a fulfilling opportunity where you can advance your career goals and utilize your best strengths is a bit more challenging. Our main goal is to help you identify and connect with an opportunity you’re passionate about, at a company you will thrive in. We strive to build meaningful relationships with each one of our candidates lasting years. Not surprising many of our candidates are now our best clients.

Here are three ways we can help you in taking the next step in your career:
1. The chance of being “seen” in a pile of resumes or a database is getting less likely each year as more job seekers flood the market. We are able to connect you with our extensive network of leading companies, giving you access and introductions to exclusive positions that typically never make their way to the job boards.

2. Top talent individuals rely on us to help them stay current with the local job market and workplace trends – just to name a few.

3. Over the years we’ve learned what works in a job search and what doesn’t. We are happy to share our most valuable job seeking strategies and career advice with you.

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