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We are best known as the headhunter to call for the hardest-to-fill positions. Companies often retain us to conduct senior level searches using our proven recruitment model only after they have tried to fill a critical position themselves.

Our unique recruiting process includes creating talent profiles with the hiring team, presenting top talent in the market, facilitating interviews, leading debriefing sessions and a placement guarantee.


A headhunter aka executive recruiter is hired by companies to find top talent, and to identify and approach working professionals who meet specific job requirements. Simply said, headhunters are recruiters, but not all recruiters are headhunters.

A headhunter’s client is always an organization or a company, never an individual. Headhunters or executive search firms are paid by clients on a retained basis to fill positions, often for jobs that require high skills levels, or unique industry knowledge.

When it Makes Sense to Work with Us

Most applications will come from the pool of active, rather than passive, job seekers. The passive job market is a tough one to access, and this is what we do best!

TIME-SENSITIVE: When time is not on your side, we will make sure you stay on top of your recruiting game by keeping the process moving forward and ensuring you’re seeing top talent in the market.  We are spending 100% of our time sourcing the best talent in the market, quickly.

CONNECTORS: Our skilled recruiters are paid to be connected with the best in your industry. We are often aware of high-performing talent who are not actively looking, per se, but could be tempted by the right opportunity. Let us make the introduction for you.

MARKET INTELLIGENCE: We keep you updated with real-time data on the talent market, compensation trends, resources/events to keep you current in your industry and best yet – letting you know what the competition is doing to recruit and retain top talent.


We Save You Time.

We believe time is your most valuable resource. When you partner with us we make sure you are only spending your time interviewing the top-tier performers that match your ideal candidate profile. Our recruitment process makes your job easier – we spend 100% of our time sourcing, screening, qualifying and meeting top talent most competitors cannot access.

We Customize Each Search.

We have an eye for talent, an ear for great listening and a gift for customizing each search, making sure that together, we work the way you want to work. Companies retain us when they have a difficult-to-fill position because they know our unique recruitment strategies lead to introductions with the top-tier performers in their industry.

We Are Professional Networkers.

We strive to make every interaction about two things: one – connecting top-tier professionals to excellent companies and two -being one of the leading recruiting resources for Operations, Business Development and Human Resources. We believe it is our responsibility to stay connected with the very best talent and companies in the market through a variety of different channels, including referrals, social networks, associations, alumni groups, forums/discussions, advanced internet mining techniques, and even your competitors.

We Give You Accessibility.

Any good hiring manager knows the majority of top-tier performers are not searching job boards, nor taking cold calls about any job. When you need to find that “game changer” we are the ones who stay pro-active in building relationships with these individuals to know their passions, contributions and what their “dream job” looks like. As your recruitment partner we build credibility and trust as a top recruiting resource – so you can be sure that when we make a call, they’ll want to hear about your opportunity.



VP of Sales, Director of Sales, VP of Business Development, Business Development Manager, Business Development Director, Project Executive, Accounts Executive, Accounts Manager, Channel Sales, Client Relations, Sales Management, Regional VP Sales, Director of Customer Service, District Sales Manager, New Business Development, Regional Sales Manager, Territory Manager, Sales Executive, General Manager



VP of Marketing, VP of Products, Marketing Leader, Senior Director of Marketing, Director of Marketing, Director of Digital Marketing, Marketing Manager, Product Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, SEO Manager, Marketing & Communications Manager, Consumer, Product Marketing, Consumer Relationship Management, Demand Generation, Distribution Channels, Entrepreneurial Marketing, Global Marketing, Communications Marketing Research, Product Management, Promotion Strategy



CEO, COO, Operations VP/Director/Manager, VP of Manufacturing Director/Manager, Supply Chain VP/Director/Manager, Quality VP/Director/Manager, Human Resources VP/Director/Manager, Chief People Officer, Change Management, Organizational Development, Diversity Project Management, Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Training and Development, Corporate Recruiter


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We are a talent strategy and executive search firm specializing in finding top talent for difficult to fill positions.


Since most of our time is spent networking for companies we are able to find top-tier talent efficiently and quickly. We believe it is our responsibility to stay connected with the very best talent in the market helping companies make sure they hire for a long-term fit, not just to fill the position as fast as possible and put a warm body in the position.


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