Anna joined Wejungo after 10 years of recruiting high school students to go to college. Throughout her career, Anna found that she loved talking with people and learning about their life and accomplishments. She wanted to find a career where she could learn from the inspiring individuals, she spent so much of her time talking to and moved from talking with people who were on their journey to receiving higher education to accomplished business owners and leaders as well as impressive candidates with unique background, interests and successful careers that span 20+ years!

What drew you to Wejungo?

        I was excited that Wejungo is a woman run company with an almost all female staff. I was a new mom at the time and wanted a “mom friendly” position where I could relate to people. There are a lot of mothers at Wejungo and it’s nice to be able to ask advice for professional AND personal growth and have the work life balance available. At Wejungo, I work remotely and can ultimately decide my schedule of when I have meetings and calls with clients and coworkers. I had made the decision before I started looking that I wanted to find something that would work with my son’s schedule, and I was very happy to find Wejungo.

What has been your proudest moment at Wejungo? 

        My first placement was very exciting. The position was so niche, and our client wanted a very particular skillset and experience, working in specific conditions and companies. I found the exact person they were looking for and was able to fill the position in 4 weeks! The person was not even looking for a new job at the time, but I was able to talk with her and show her how great of an opportunity this was. She still texts me sometimes and says how great her job is.

What is so unique about recruiting at Wejungo? 

        Our process is so thorough. We ask detailed questions of our clients when starting an engagement so that we can get the clearest picture of what they are looking for and learn all about their processes, procedures, and culture. We take on our client’s culture and identity when finding candidates for our clients to ensure the perfect fit.  

Ultimately it is not just about making our clients happy, but also about being able to excite and interest the best candidates. We want someone to have that longevity in the position, and we check in often even after they are placed to ensure they are happy where they are at. A lot of recruiting firms do not have the same follow up and check in established in their processes. I really like the fact that we sincerely want someone to be successful and don’t end the relationship once they start in their position.  

The relationship that we build with our clients and their candidates allows us to assist even past the placement. We check in with our clients to hear how things are going months down the line. Because of that relationship we build during the interview process, we can act as a conduit between the client and the placement to ensure a cohesive partnership. I just checked in with a client and placement that had a situation last year, and they are doing great now! It is always nice to see the candidate doing well and be able to see how you made a difference in a company and also someone’s life.

What positions are your favorite to work with and why?      

        It is difficult to choose a favorite because they are all so fun. I love getting to learn about a new industry so there is no one specific name I can think of. We spend 2-3 hours with the leaders of our clients’ companies learning the ins and outs of everything they do. It is constant learning here at Wejungo and I love that part of the job.

        I have learned so much niche knowledge over the past year being with Wejungo. The other week I was at an Airbnb and I could identify what doors they had because of information I learned from a construction client we worked with.

What aspects do you like most about Wejungo?

        I love seeing happy candidates and clients at the end of our engagements. It is so rewarding to have candidates come back and tell me they are in the best job they have ever had, and our clients are always over the moon satisfied with the candidate.

        We really believe in the companies we work with. We know that who we place there will have the culture and opportunities they are looking for because we have asked all the questions and figured out the needs and wants on both sides.

What is most challenging about the work at Wejungo?

        Time management is difficult for me. I have to constantly remind myself to stop a project after a certain amount of time, so I do not spend the whole afternoon doing one thing. That will always be a challenge for me. We work with so many candidates and clients and it is important to set boundaries and times with yourself so you can provide the best service to all of them.

Why is working with Wejungo so valuable? What are clients saying?

        Our process is so in depth, we learn the ins and outs of all our clients’ processes and we become a member of their company. Everyone is so impressed with the results we are able to provide. One of my clients shared they were confused at the beginning of the project why I was asking all these detailed questions in our first meeting but at the end of the engagement they see how all my questions lead to the exact person they were looking for.

What tips do you have for companies that are hiring?

Work with Wejungo! There is a lot of time and energy that goes into sourcing and finding the perfect person for the job.

If you can’t work with Wejungo, keep in mind that not every candidate is going to be perfect on paper. What really matters is their potential and what they are willing to do to become the perfect candidates.