Be a part of our continued success.
Be considered a trusted resource among your peers.

We believe our clients are the foundation of our success. When you become a Wejungo® Referral Partner we encourage you to refer our talent management, recruiting solutions and human resources consulting to Business Leaders in your network.

Everyone knows people who make hiring decisions such as Business Executives, HR individuals, or department heads, don’t let that connection go to waste – you can become a valued Referral Partner simply by introducing us to that person. Nothing more is required from you – and yes, it’s that simple!

Help people and give back to your community at the same time.

Who doesn’t like helping people AND giving back to the community? As a “thank you” for your loyalty and support you will have the ability to choose one charity from a list of community partners who will receive a portion of the revenue from the referral project, donated in your name.

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