Wejungo Hiring Roadmap™ was developed by us to fill a big hole in training.

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We have discovered companies and hiring managers are frustrated with their inability to effectively hire and retain the best talent.

So we developed a Hiring Roadmap™ for new and experienced managers who want to improve their hiring accuracy even with the busiest of schedules.

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a comprehensive approach that covers the BASICS of an entire hiring process from understanding the talent market to making an objective hiring decision for the RIGHT person at all levels of an organization.

We offer a comprehensive and engaging online learning experience that clearly lays out the common pitfalls made by organizations, and teaches simple, common-sense, but not commonly used hiring practices which most companies are not doing today.


a user experience that is easy, fun, broken into nine 20 minute sessions, packed full of proven and effective techniques, empowering managers to make better hiring decisions after only 3 hours of online learning!

  • Progress bar shows you how much you have completed in the 20 minute session.
  • 24/7 self-paced online access, all that is needed is a web browser.
  • All 9 sessions have a chat function where you interact with your trainer avatar.
  • A trainer avatar asks reflective questions to ensure the application of new knowledge learned.
  • Short 2 minute videos and games keep it fun while keeping learners engaged.
One of the biggest challenges of online learning is engagement. My intention was to do 1 session at a time and walk away. I couldn’t walk away because I was so engaged. I loved the questions, the surveys were compelling, and the ability to replay the videos if I wanted.”– Elaine P., Learning & Development ManagerMost interviewers are not good at interviewing. Why? Because interviewing people is not their MAIN job, they don’t do it very often and sadly most are never trained.”– Mark B., CHRO

Start your journey to a better hiring process with the Wejungo Hiring Roadmap™ today!