hiring process

Here are 8 signs that your hiring process is exceptional.


1) The culture actually reflects your company’s values.   If we ask your employees to describe your culture, and their description matches the values on your wall, you’re doing something RIGHT!


2) More than 75% of your employees think bigger picture – These employees are ones that are genuinely interested in the overall success of the company. They are able to think beyond their role and have a do-whatever-it-takes attitude.


3) Numbers Talk.  What is your employee retention rate?  Are hiring goals being met? Are unforeseen obstacles viewed as challenges or opportunities? If your track record is strong for the items above, these are all signs you likely have the right people in the right seats, on the right bus!


4) At least 50% of your employees are challenging the norm. Are you asking for AND providing feedback regularly?  Are your employees comfortable speaking their minds and sharing constructive feedback? And is your company taking that feedback and improving?


5) What is your hiring accuracy?  Forget how quickly you’re filling open positions. How long are people staying? And are they the RIGHT people staying? If you’re focusing on the quality of each hire, you’re 1 in 500 companies, great job!  


6) You are open to change.  No hiring process is static. It’s not meant to last a company’s lifetime – and if you’re evaluating your hiring process at least 1x a year and making minor tweaks when you identify bottlenecks, then you’re on the right track.


7) Your online reviews are overall positive.  Since social media is the easiest outlet for employees to share their experiences, a positive stack of reviews will help you attract, hire and retain talent AND customers!


8) You have consistent, effective onboarding plan(s) that begins before the new employee starts work and lasts thru at a minimum the first 6 months of their employment.


For more on improving hiring processes, CLICK HERE to check out Wejungo’s Hiring Roadmap.