DID YOU KNOW: 780 CEO’s admit that “talent shortage” is their number one concern.


TRUTH IS: The talent is out there – but do you know where to find it?




·       Am I receiving an overwhelming response to my job ad?

·       How much of my time is spent sorting through 100+ resumes?

·       Are majority of my job applicants UNQUALIFIED?


These are all telltale signs that there is a PROBLEM with your JOB AD or a sign you’re not posting in the right place!

A simple shift in your job ad may help attract culturally-fit AND more qualified candidates AND more importantly, save you valuable TIME.



  • If I was a person, CURRENTLY EMPLOYED, would I want to apply to this job ad?


And if your answer is “no,” or even “maybe” … then you have some work to do.



We have found that most job ads are not only generic, boring and vague but they usually only attract the active pool of candidates which is ONLY about 15% of the talent market.  This also means you’re probably missing out on about 90% of all talent (yikes)!  



You can attract more qualified talent with these 3 easy tips:


  • TIP #1: Ensure the job ad offers/outlines an opportunity, not just a job.



  • TIP #2:   Focus on what the candidate needs to DO and ACCOMPLISH in the role. Not only the typical checklist of HAVES (i.e. 5 years of experience, master’s degree, customer service skills, etc.).  More on how to do this HERE.



  • TIP #3:  Attract Millennials.  There is nothing more damaging than a business that doesn’t evolve over time.  And more importantly, by 2025, 75% of the global workforce will be Millennials.  That is less than 10 years from now!!  More on Millennials HERE.



So, ask yourself, would you rather have 100 crappy applicants or 25 good ones?



For a great 24/7 online hiring resource for interviewers and more, check out Wejungo’s Hiring Roadmap.