We are a leading California executive search and management consulting firm, specializing in talent strategy and recruiting solutions. We partner with start-ups and small to mid-size businesses to redefine success and set new standards for a better way to do business. Many times it’s simply starting small. The Wejungo™ brand represents a powerful combination of the English word “we” and the Latin word “jungo” which means “join together.” WE JOIN TOGETHER with companies to help improve how they attract, recruit, hire and retain their most important assets…their people.

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5 Ways to Attract Top Talent for Small Businesses

It’s hard to find great talent. This has always been one of my top challenges, but never more so than now when many tech giants and startups lead recruitment by focusing on the perks. How many job listings have you read that start with: free lunch, a game room, and unlimited vacation? But even though we don’t offer complimentary dry cleaning or supply craft beer on tap at our company, we have managed to find A-list people who are excited to work for us. Here’s how you can do it too.

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Supporting Veterans – Career Resource List

The majority of veterans who are referred to our California executive search firm are smart, educated, resourceful and entrepreneurial, leaders, honest to a fault, fiercely loyal and will be relentless on their pursuit to succeed. Many organizations are committed to helping veterans find civilian jobs, and some also sponsor programs targeted at putting military spouses back to work. We started with a list over 200 resources and decided that may be a bit overwhelming for you to try to filter through, so we did our best to organize the list and here are our favorite 45 resources.

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What The Best Hiring Managers Look For

The main thing that the best hiring managers look for is culture fit. They’ll check this both through a candidate’s resume and through the interview process. Here are top best practices of the Best Hiring Managers.

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