We support companies by building talent foundations, creating hiring strategies, developing workforce solutions and uncovering top talent.

Our mission is to challenge the “norms,” encourage innovative thinking and launching new ideas, strategies and processes that will guide organizations to empower their people to do extraordinary things.

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Smarter Hiring

The quality of people that your company hires depends on the quality of your process. We teach companies
to NEVER compromise on the quality of their hires by creating customized recruiting, interviewing and hiring best practices.

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Find Top Talent

We help you make better hiring decisions by spending 100% of our time finding, engaging and presenting the best sales, marketing and operations talent in the market, many of whom you would normally never see.

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We are a leading Talent Strategy Consulting firm specializing in talent management, hiring processes and recruiting solutions.  We also have a California executive search recruiting division finding top sales, business development, marketing and operations talent. We partner with start-ups and small to mid-size businesses to redefine success and set new standards for a better way to do business. The Wejungo™ brand represents a powerful combination of the English word “we” and the Latin word “jungo” which means “join together.”

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Current News & Trends

A Bad Hiring Decision Costs MORE Than JUST MONEY!

We’ve known for a while that a bad hiring decision can cost companies a shockingly large amount of money.  In fact, depending on the role, a bad hire can cost a company anywhere from 25% to 250% of their first years salary! (Source: Dice)


We’ve outlined WHY it costs a company so much money (ranging from wasted salaries to training costs), but now there is more to consider than just lost money – what about GRIEF?

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Part 4: Uncover Top Talent

Understanding WHERE the talent is in the market is the first step to hiring top talent. Sometimes, top talent isn’t where you think.
Many companies believe when they post an ad on a job board they are accessing ALL of the talent pool – but this is WRONG!

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Part 3: Challenging the hiring process norms

When it comes to hiring processes, there are many norms that need to be challenged. We’ve challenged two norms of the hiring process and provided tips to improving the hiring process. Find out what an organization can do IMMEDIATELY to improve their hiring process.

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