We are a leading California executive search and management consulting firm, specializing in talent strategy and recruiting solutions. We partner with start-ups and small to mid-size businesses to redefine success and set new standards for a better way to do business. Many times it’s simply starting small. The Wejungo™ brand represents a powerful combination of the English word “we” and the Latin word “jungo” which means “join together.” WE JOIN TOGETHER with companies to help improve how they attract, recruit, hire and retain their most important assets…their people.

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We support companies by building talent foundations, creating hiring strategies, developing workforce solutions and uncovering top talent.

Our mission is to challenge the “norms,” encourage innovative thinking and launch new ideas, strategies and processes that will guide organizations to empower their people to do extraordinary things.

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Current News & Trends

It’s All About the People: Hiring Tips for Managers

Hiring is tough, and we’ve put together some hiring tips for managers to use during their recruiting process. Ultimately people are at the heart of an organization and nothing is more important than getting the right people into the right roles – and we’re here to help!

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Find The Best Candidate During The Recruiting Process

The recruiting process can be tedious when relying on traditional methods. Finding the best candidates in the recruiting process can be especially challenging, considering your top candidate is most likely a passive candidate, relying on social media and other creative strategies is crucial.

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Is Your Team Checking Out? Here’s How to Tackle Office Boredom.

Time to engage your employees! Lets face it, even the best employees get bored and disengaged at some point in their careers, and the key is to catch it early and get them back on track before they jump ship altogether. Here are tips to reengage your bored employee.

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